For its 5th anniversary PoolPlay invited you (and by the way is still inviting you) to give answers to the following question:

SPACE and TIME of the Uncertain – how do you relate?

161001_thousandcopiesYou may download the original version here: PoolPlayPeoplePaper

If you have thoughts on it > share it with us. Abstracts in any language can be send to us via email PoolPlay (at) ar2com.de

A poetic approach to the print out copies happened in Munich and we captured some pictures. You can start at any random moment, watch 30 seconds and tell us what came into your mind.

If you would like to read it all in English and / or give some comments on already published work you can do that here below or on this website piratepad.be/p/PoolPlayPeoplePaper and visit the timeslider to see how it was growing until now.

PoolPlay 2015 – an invitation

PoolPlay-applyPoolPlay, the interdisciplinary summer academy with artistic research on SPACE and TIME, invites you to explore a bit its universe. Some of you already know our Pecha Kucha from 2012 but at the ifac.me (international festival of art and construction) last year in Covarrubias, Spain, we made a new one – featuring some of the PoolPlayers of our workshop “Against the Current to the Source” there. We think it reflects a lot on WHAT could happen during PoolPlay.

In September 2014 we made a series of BlindPoolDatePlays in the empty but mostly covered swimming pool of the Hotel Sole Paradiso. Since we are still keen on NOT publishing too much about what happens during PoolPlay – because one never knows what will happen at the next one – we simply published some fotos and videos to be understood as appetizers and openers for more PoolPlays! 🙂

If all that sounds somehow interesting to you, you can downlaod our INFOpdf.

We hope to hear from you, here, there or in the pool,
the PoolPlayMakers