PoolPlay - artistic research in an empty swimming pool

The interdisciplinary summer academy PoolPlay invites to artistic research on SPACE and TIME in an empty swimming pool. Since SPACE and TIME is "made" by dance, music, architecture or art in general everyone attracted to these professions can participate. It'll take place once a year in september. After an intense week of research in the empty swimming pool mixed with hikes through the mountains we will present our research results in form of a performance in the empty swimming pool, which we call the PoolFillment!
The summer academy PoolPlay is organised by ar2com /architecture to communications/, a platform of interdisciplinary research.

PoolPlay started in 2012. if you would like us to stay tuned please subscribe to our newsletter.

The summer academy PoolPlay is organised mainly by two human beings:

Jula-Kim Sieber (DE, fr, en, es, pt)

architect who founded in February 2007 ar2com – architecture to communications gegründet. She is architect and singer. Spaces – virtual or haptic – are fascinating her, since they bring exchange. ar2com stands for: architecture (+ urbanism) becomes communication (= art, film, music, expression, … ), at the same time as communication becomes architecture, because those two components form space. In June 2010 she has started with her own architecture firm called ar2com – communicative architecture from darmstadt.

Maximilian Lösch (DE, IT, en, es)

has had a multidisciplinary education. From the study of tropical and subtropical agriculture at the Università degli Studi di Firenze, he has primarily out of personal interest worked a lot with techniques for personal development (Tai Chi Chuan, body- and expressive work, meditation, metaphorical works with symbols and symbolic actions) and found so his approach to writing and a creative expression. He is currently working on a literary project with the name The N.A.D. Project.

You can reach us via eMail PoolPlay (at) ar2com.de
or via post
z.H. Jula-Kim Sieber
Holzhofallee 21
64295 Darmstadt